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The FORLIXT project, undertaken since 2003 within the DIT Department of the University of Bologna, Forlė campus, has produced know-how and utilities to support research on film dubbing, database generation and management, linguistic research as well as language teaching and audiovisual translation training.

The version 3.0 of the FORLIXT multimedia database is currently available. Access is restricted to authorised users for research and training purposes only.

FORLIXT main features:

  • flexible and advanced query tools for searching textual data in bilingual and multilingual versions of films;
  • articulated and accurate classification of linguistic, pragmatic, cultural and semiotic elements that are relevant for translation and training;
  • possibility to verify linguistic data in their integral audiovisual context, thanks to real-time streaming videos of the related film sequences in various linguistic versions.

  • Research Group:

    Prof. Marcello Soffritti, Dean of the DIT Department and Scientific Coordinator of the FORLIXT Project Project Coordinator: Marcello Soffritti

    Current Participants Participants: Christine Heiß, Piero Conficoni, Gianna Tarquini

    Previous Editions Participantso Have also contributed: Cristina Valentini, Sabrina Linardi


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